Linguistic Empowerment Workshop

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LE.workshop-flyer-8x10Artboard 1.png

Linguistic Empowerment Workshop

from 30.00

We invite you to come be a connoisseur of thought, as we refine our internal monologue to reflect the reality we truly desire & deserve.

Typically we may associate personal evolution with our overt behaviors such as actions, or the things we are doing in our life.

However, what we will suggest and examine is that the priority point is more… internal.

As we gather and settle in, we will introduce ourselves by name but also by our intention.

We will then begin to utilize methods that prompt our awareness to our own habitual thought patterns, and expose those that are actually limiting beliefs.

From there, we can highlight the ways in which our internal voice and dialog can become healthy, enjoyable, and beneficial to our well-being.

We will begin to re-associate the present and consistent foundational aspects of who we are and the platform from which we create our lives here, now, and on a daily basis.

Join us for this evening session. It will be a very relaxing and clear atmosphere, and we will make new friends in the room, however foremost we will make friends with our self again.

Tea & fruit will be served, and there will be inspirations of South American and otherwise ceremonial practices in order to set the ambiance and clear the air for really good work.

Adults only please. Dress as casually and comfortably as you like. It will be a guided circle orientation, led by Matthew Patterson, however your presence will be instrumental.

Included in the workshop is the Linguistic Empowerment Workbook. We will be referencing the booklet during the session, and you will have it to utilize as a tool onward.

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