Waipuna Coffee Shop

During the day, the space is primarily run by Waipuna Coffee Shop, serving Hawaiian artisanal coffees, plant-based pastries, and grab and go breakfast & lunch options by Brine food & ferments.

Open Monday thru Saturday, 6am – 3pm.


Bayfront Kava Bar

By night the space becomes the kava bar, as well as a great community venue for music and art performances. We’re proud to host one of Hilo’s favorite nightlife businesses serving up a traditional Hawaiian tonic that produces an environment of relaxation and enjoyment.

Open Monday thru Saturday, 5pm – 10pm.


Brine Foods & Ferments

The space serves as prep kitchen and pick-up location for Brine grab & go dishes and fermented food products. Their profile is locally-inspired and plant-based, delivering both culture & creativity in their recipes, and always great flavor!


Haumea Collective

We are prep kitchen and pick-up location as well for Haumea Collective, an organization that creates meal packages for postpartum families in order to help get proper nourishment during a special time of development.